It’s raining, it’s pouring, your day feels really boring -Sound familiar? When the forecast is grim, whether it’s thunderstorms or a blizzard, cabin fever can set in fast. Also if you’re as busy and stressed as most of us, you may not take time out for self-care very often. Especially when its monsoon, you tend to feel all the more lazy and cozy. However,  personal pampering has many stress relieving benefits and should be incorporated as part of a low stress lifestyle.

                                                   This monsoon, enrich your spa experience by treating yourself to one of our revitalizing programs specially designed to offer the ultimate in luxurious pampering at Neomis Salon and Spa. Slip yourself down  into a soothing bath laced with moisturizing soap blend. The massage at our spa, will be not only great for your skin but also boost your endorphins supply slightly affected by lower than expected sunlight supply.

                                            It's time to boost your skin as well as your mood at our Spa. Monsoon is the best time to start since the treatments work to their optimum best during monsoons. Don’t feel guilty for taking some time for yourself—you deserve it!


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