Hair Color

At Neomi’s, we focus on hair color as well, where all our time and passion is devoted to learning, perfecting and creating trends in the world of hair color. Education and an artistic eye is the way to beautiful hair but by combining that with a scientific approach we can provide you solutions to consistency, saving time and money.
We understand the fast paced world of today and that time is of the essence. Our services are priced a la-cart to give you the option of leaving wet and getting back to life in record time or taking a few extra min’s and getting pampered by our staff. Whether you want to take your time and relax in our beautiful space and have a full blown “salon” experience while sipping gourmet coffee or you are in a time crunch… we offer a plethora of services and options to help best fit your schedule and pocketbook.  Neomi’s is here to service you the way you need all while keeping an eye on our one and most important goal….to provide you with gorgeous gleaming healthy hair color.

Neomi’s Salon & Spa works exclusively with L'Oréal Professionnel and  Professional. Thus, the color team can transform your hair color by delivering the best results combined with the latest technology.

Why are our stylists and colorists simply the best?

At Neomi’s, we believe it's important to focus on specialization. We believe in Teamwork. Through our in-house educational programs, each staff member gets an exposure to improvise and sharpen his skills to become a better hair stylist. The programs are based on a solid foundation of fail-safe cutting and coloring principles honed over many years of experience. We also believe in giving proper and free consultation to our clients before they go for the application of the hair color.

And as rightly said by Rick Wellman, “It is not the BOX or the BOTTLE that does the work, it is the HANDS and the MIND using the color that is key.”


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